chrome refractory bricks

The main ingredient of Chrome refractory brick is Cr2O3, it usually contains more than 90% of Cr2O3. Chrome refractory brick includes

Dense chromium oxide bricks

Grain chromium oxide bricks

which all made by isostatic pressing production technology.

chrome refractory bricks  chromium oxide bricks  chome refractory brick

These two products have the property of super-strong resistance to glass liquid corrosion and great thermal shock resistance.

Dense chromium oxide bricks are mainly used in severe corrosion areas and glass contact areas in the glass fiber kilns or the fiberglass furnace, such as throats, melter sidewalls, melter bottom, doghouse arch, doghouse corners, near bubblers, forehearths, and flow blocks.

Grain chromium oxide bricks have better thermal shock properties and can be used in the parts of glass fiber kiln or fiberglass furnace such as throat, doghouse corners, flow bricks, and can also be used in the throat, flow bricks, and high erosion parts of certain colored glass.