Steel & Iron

We serve the glass industry and more, with 62 years of experience in refractory research and development, Yumin is a reliable and competent refractory materials supplier that is able to better understand your needs and provide customized and optimized refractory solutions based on your specific applications, from the build to the repair, all along with your furnaces or kilns life cycle.

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and can be found almost everywhere in the modern world and is one of the most common metals in consumer products. Today most steel is produced by blast furnace or kiln or electric arc furnace (EAF). The selection of refractory products is essential for the quality of steel and the life cycle of the furnace.


Yumin, with 60 years of experience in product research and production, offers a comprehensive range of refractory products for converter, blast furnaces, and electric furnaces for steel plants: such as
Magnesia bricks,
Magnesia zircon bricks,
Magnesia-alumina bricks,
Magnesia-chrome bricks,
Magnesia-alumina spinel bircks,
Fireclay bricks,
High alumina bricks,
Insulating bricks,
Mullite castable,
High alumina castable,
Corundum castable etc.