Cast zircon mullite bricks

Main Ingredients: Fused Zircon-mullite, sintered Alumina


  1. Good compactness
  2. High Purity
  3. Corundum Phrase 70%, Baddeleylite content 19%
  4. Excellent thermal shock resistance
  5. Good spalling resistance


Opal glass furnace, High borosilicate glass furnace, serious erosion parts of glass furnace: crown, port arch, hook brick, peephole bricks, burner bricks, feeder bricks, dog-house crown

Cast zircon mullite refractory bricks are made from fused zirconia mullite and sintered alumina as the main raw material and hydrated alumina as the binder. with good compactness and high purity, its corundum phase is greater than 70%, the content of zircon is greater than 19%, and the content of mullite is greater than 7%. With properties of good resistance to thermal shock and spalling, and strong corrosion resistance, it can be used in serious erosion parts of glass kiln, like main crown, port arch, hook brick, peephole brick, burner brick, feeder brick and dog-house brick etc, it is also the first choice for opal glass furnace and high borosilicate glass furnace.


Technical Data Sheet:

Index Unit CZM-20
Al2O3 % ≧72
ZrO3 % ≧19
SiO2 % ≦7
Fe2O3 % ≦0.2
Bulk Density        g/cm3 ≧3.20
Apparent Porosity % ≦17
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa ≧100
Thermal Expansion 1300℃ % ≦0.9
0.2Mpa Refractories under load ≧1700

Note: All chemical-physical data are obtained based on the corresponding refractory bricks of standard size.