Non-ferrous Metals

We serve the glass industry and more, with 62 years of experience in refractory research and development, Yumin is a reliable and competent refractory materials supplier that is able to better understand your needs and provide customized and optimized refractory solutions based on your specific applications, from the build to the repair, all along with your furnaces or kilns life cycle.

Non-ferrous metals are a collective term for all metals except iron, manganese, and chromium, in general, it also includes non-ferrous alloys. Non-ferrous metals are the basic materials for the development of the national economy. Most industries such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, machinery, electricity, communications, construction, and household appliances are all based on non-ferrous metal materials.

The manufacturing of non-ferrous metals usually produces a large amount of waste gas, wastewater, and waste slags, which contain a variety of useful components, sometimes containing toxic substances, and some non-ferrous metals are also toxic. Therefore, people must pay high attention to the comprehensive utilization and environmental protection during the production of non-ferrous metals.


Yumin, with 60 years of experience in product research and production, supply a wide range of refractory products for non-ferrous foundry: such as
High alumina bricks,
Magnesia bricks,
Alumina chrome bricks,
Three low fireclay bricks,
Fireclay bricks,
Magnesia-chrome bricks,
Magnesia refractory mortars etc.