zircon refractory bricks

The main chemical ingredients of zircon refractory fire bricks are ZrO2 and SiO2, usually the content of ZrO2 should be greater than 60%. Based on the content of ZrO2, it can be classified into three specific refractory products:

High dense zircon bricks,

Dense zircon bricks,

Zircon refractory bricks.

zircon refractory bricks        zircon refractory bricks

High dense zircon refractory bricks and dense zircon refractory bricks are made by isostatic pressing production technology. These two products have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, high density, and strong resistance to glass liquid corrosion. They are mainly used for bottom bricks, transition bricks, backing bricks, tuck stone, flow bricks, and other parts in the alkali-free glass furnace.

Zircon refractory bricks can be used for the superstructure of the flame space of the melter, the transition brick between the silica refractory brick and the fused AZS refractory bricks, the peephole bricks, thermocouple bricks, sub-layer bricks, and backing bricks in the different areas of the furnace of non-alkali glass, borosilicate glass, lead glass, soda-lime glass, and the electro-optical glass.