magnesia chrome bricks

Alkaline refractory products refer to the refractories with MgO, MgO, and CaO, or CaO as the main chemical components, and the major alkaline refractory

bricks is the refractory with the content of magnesium oxide, this kind of refractory material has properties of high refractoriness and strong resistance to

alkaline slags. It is also chemically basic refractory material.

Yumin is an experienced refractory material manufacturer and supplier in China with 62 years of history and magnesia refractory products are one of the star

product series, we always offer high-quality magnesite refractory materials including:

magnesia chrome bricks     

These products could be divided into different grades.

The magnesia series products have the property of excellent alkali corrosion resistance, Magnesia alumina bricks, magnesia zircon bricks, and magnesia chrome

bricks have better thermal shock stability than magnesite brick, are mainly used in different areas of the regenerator of glass furnaces.

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