glass furnace refractory materials
I would like to discuss the impact of the correct shape and accurate size of the refractory bricks to the high-temperature kilns and furnaces, we know it is important, but fewer people pay attention to this topic, the correctness of the shape of the refractories and the accuracy of its dimensions are very important. they have a direct impact on the tightness of the kiln masonry, and the tightness of the masonry body largely determines the service life of the furnace masonry. Brick joints are the weakest and most vulnerable part of kiln masonry. Compared with refractory bricks, the density and strength of brick joints are much smaller, so it is easier to dissolve in the slag. In thick brick joints, the bonding material can separate from the bricks it is bonded to because of shrinking during use and temperature rise, and it will break into pieces and fall down, which leads to the expansion of the contact area between slag and gas and the product. As a result, the slag resistance and thermal shock stability of the entire furnace lining are weakened, so the correct shape and accurate size of the refractory materials are also regarded as an important index of the product quality.


the dimension of refractory bricks


Usually, for the refractory bricks used in kilns and furnaces, there are clear regulations and requirements for the maximum limits of dimensional tolerances, distortion, missing edges and corners, and cracks and caves according to the types of products and the conditions of use.


the size of sintered alumina refractory bricks

refractories for glass industry


Manufacturing refractory products with the correct shape and accurate size, especially large special-shaped refractory products, is a complex task in production, therefore has extremely high requirements to the production process. The instability of the property of the raw materials and the violation of the established process system, such as the distribution ratio of raw materials, particle composition, billet moisture, shaping pressure, brick mold shape and size, and drying and firing system, may lead to incorrect product shapes and inaccurate size.


refractory for glass furnace


The shape correctness and dimension accuracy of refractory products have a very important impact on the performance and service life of high-temperature kilns or furnaces, and it is also an important product quality index. Zibo Yumin Base Pledge continuously upgrades the production process and improves the degree of mechanization and automation of each part of the production process, Yumin is the first refractory manufacturer to achieve automation, intellectualization, and digitization in refractory production processes in China’s refractory industry. We also have clear regulations to the necessary production inspections for key processes, the appearance inspections, and the specifications of the finished products, and arrange pre-assembly in strict accordance with customer drawings before products leave the factory to ensure the shape and size of refractory products fully meet customer requirements.